It gives me great pleasure to be able to comment on Dr. Schlesinger’s excellence as a dentist. At a time when I was dealing with utter incompetence from my previous dental service, I made an appointment with Dr. Schlesinger and went in for a consultation. The difference in approach was such that I decided it was time to make a change. As the fitting procedure for my new dentures started it became immediately apparent that Dr. Schlesinger’s skills as a technician were vastly superior to what I had experienced earlier. In addition, I was deeply impressed with how meticulous he was every step of the way. I came to realize that the reason my previous dentures never really fit was because several steps had been omitted. By the time Dr. Schlesinger handed me my dentures and said they were finished, they were. I never got one single blister, sore spot, or pressure point, and never needed a single adjustment. As many will know, this is quite unheard of. For me, it was Dr. Schlesinger’s professional merit that was the determining factor when I chose to change dentists, but perhaps I should also mention that his humorous and somewhat whimsical personality is matched by his amiable staff, and that the tone in his clinic turns “going to the dentist” into an unexpected pleasure. Dr. Schlesinger is an outstanding dentist and technician, and I recommend him warmly, and without reservation. -Dr. Yvonne B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Schlesinger’s for the past 8 years. I came to Dr. Schlesinger very frustrated, with a terrible mouth. I was suffering from chronic bleeding and puffy gums, a weak jaw, constant sores in my mouth, as well as very unattractive teeth from color to shape. Nothing cosmetically could ever be done until my mouth was totally restored to good health. I had quite a challenging road ahead of me. Dr. Schlesinger was truly there for me every step of the way, and refused to accept failure as the result. His personal commitment was inspiring and today I am involved in the process of cosmetic work with him. The work is not only beautiful, but very natural looking. Whatever procedure he does, his work is always so accurate. Dr. Schlesinger is more than just a dentist; he is truly a great artist in his field. -Susan G

After several years of inconsistent dental care, and jumping from one provider to another based on who accepted my insurance atthe time, I somehow arrived at 225 E. 70th Street and placed myself in the very capable hands of Dr. Schlesinger and his staff. This was in the latter part of 2000 and since then, I can’t imagine entrusting my dental health to anyone else. Dr. Schlesinger does indeed aspire to excellence and it is evident in the humanity he brings to his work, and the diligent follow-up provided by his staff. He has not only managed to help me feel more comfortable about my appearance, through some extensive dental work which we’re still undergoing, but takes the time to answer all questions and explain each procedure so it’s not quite so intimidating a process as it might be. I am counting on his patience, humor and skill and the caring support of his staff to see me through the rest of the journey to good dental health. Thank you for the opportunity to write this, -Marjorie S

When I started seeing Dr. Schlesinger I had a huge fear of having dental work. His expertise at pain management cured me of that. I had to replace several old fillings and found that he is a perfectionist in his work and a caring dentist as well. When I decided to have some cosmetic dentistry done I knew he was the one to do it! He did a beautiful job on my front teeth. They look like mine only much better. Friends and family think I look ten years younger and I have Dr. Schlesinger to thank for that.
– A grateful patient (name withheld on request)

We have been patients of Dr. Sandler for over 20 years and have found him to be an amazing doctor and awesome man. Over this time we have had many decisions to make in regard to our teeth. Some much more difficult than others and through every decision and process, he has helped us fairly and with our best interest in mind. After the procedures he even makes follow up calls in the evening to make sure everything is alright. We feel blessed that we have found a dentist who is fair and helpful in so many matters pertaining to our teeth and overall health. -Elenis Janis & Family (Patients since 1992)

Dr. Sandler is a great dentist! I still remember my first visit to his office. I was sitting in the waiting area when he took the time to help an elderly lady with a walker out the front door. It made such a good impression from the beginning. I have been going to him now for fifteen years. I have been referring his office to family and friends for years and they all love him. I would recommend him to anyone and be proud that he is my dentist. -Ruth L.

I have a great amount of fear when it comes to sitting in the dentist chair. Much of my history has been plagued with painful experiences. Dr. Sandler has made me relax in the chair with his professionalism and compassion. I have undergone root canals, periodontal work, extractions, and bridge work. Each stage of my process has been kind, considerate, and pain free. And everything looked great!! I highly recommend Dr. Sandler and his wonderful staff. -Richard B.

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