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We offer ZOOM teeth whitening in the comfort of our office that can brighten your smile. It is a fact that the staining and yellowing is due to staining under the enamel. Therefore, you need a whitening solution that will be able to penetrate this. 

Zoom whitening is one of the most effective teeth whitening treatments available today. Zoom whitening uses a proprietary peroxide gel combined with an activating UV light to whiten teeth more effectively and in less time than ever before. The process is based on the fact that the peroxide gel, when activated by the light, is able to penetrate deep into the tooth to remove even the most stubborn stains.

The Zoom whitening procedure begins with an examination by our dentists to assess your suitability. The dentist will check for problems such as the buildup of tartar and plaque. These issues along with several other oral health problems could cause a patient’s teeth to whiten unevenly. Therefore, the dentist may recommend a thorough cleaning or other dental work before the Zoom treatment can proceed.


Once your smile is ready to be brightened, the Zoom whitening gel will be applied. The peroxide-based gel begins to oxidize when it combines with the patient’s saliva and the UV light. The oxidation allows it to seep deep into the tooth enamel where the toughest stains live. The longer the gel remains on the teeth the whiter the smile will become. Our dentist uses this fact to whiten smiles to the exact shade the patient desires. The entire process only takes about 45 minutes and patients are often speechless when they see the results.

Our entire treatment is comfortable and painless. Some patients report a slight tingling as the only side-effect but this sensation quickly goes away after their mouth is rinsed of the bleaching gel.

The Zoom whitening procedure should never be administered by anyone except a qualified dentist. When performed by our dentists, the Zoom procedure is incredibly safe and effective.

If you are interested in a whiter smile than you ever thought possible, contact our office about Zoom whitening today to learn more.




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