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Smile Makeover - Upper East Side

At East Side Dental Arts, we can do everything in our power to improve your smile using a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures.


At our Upper East side practice we are dedicated to transforming ordinary smiles into amazing smiles that transform everything about that person and raise their self esteem. 

In the heart of the Upper East Side we perform amazing smile makeovers and transform smiles, and transform people.

Our team focuses on transforming ordinary smiles into something that is brilliant and stunning. Regardless of how your teeth look today, we can do everything in our power to improve your smile using a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Patients count on us because we have an unsurpassed reputation for excellence.

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During a smile makeover consultaiuon, we will start by examining your teeth and learning more about what goals you have for your smile. Options will then be presented, and you can decide the route you want to take. Most of the time, patients in the local area will use a combination of procedures in order to achieve the results they have in mind.

A smile makeover will completely transform the appearance of your smile making you look and feel years younger. It can rejuvenating your mouth, and will enhance the function and health of your smile as well as its aesthetic nature.

Smile Makeovers can combine several cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you achieve your perfect smile. These treatments may include: Tooth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Implants and many more.

An Extreme Makeover can:

Rejuvenate discolored or stained teeth
Close gaps between teeth
Reduce overcrowding
Conceal gaps
Cover blemishes
Replace missing teeth
Repair cracks or gaps in teeth
Straighten crooked teeth
Contour gums to the right shape

Within our practice we understand that every patient is unique and therefore so is every mouth. With this in mind, we create a customized treatment plan to suit your individual needs. During your initial consultation Dr. Liechtung and his team will discuss all elements of your smile makeover treatment with you, ensuring all of your questions are answered.

Your smile dictates how you feel about yourself. If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about your teeth, you may hide your smile or not smile very often. Smile makeovers have changed lives by increasing a patient’s self-esteem, confidence, facial appearance, dental health and general well-being.

East Side Dental Arts is at the forefront of smile makeovers in NYC using the highest standards in dental technology. We work every patient as an individual and we will help you achieve the results you desire. We look forward to seeing you for a no-fee obligation-free consultation.

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