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We can provide patients with many types of new dentures and replace or repair old dentures that have been damaged. 

When a person is missing all or most of their teeth on the top, bottom, or both arches of their mouth, it can be very difficult or even impossible for them to perform regular functions such as eating and speaking. For such people, our West Hollywood dentures expert will recommend these dental appliances, which are used to replace an entire arch of teeth to restore their oral function.

Studies have shown that up to 25 percent of people will lose teeth at some point in their lifetime. While many people think they will not require dentures possibly until they become much older, accidents can happen at any time which can cause a person’s teeth to become severely damaged to the point they are knocked out or must be removed. Our dentists use dentures to replace teeth that are missing for a number of reasons, not only when they are lost due to old age.

Our hygienists will:

  • Dentures support your facial muscles.
  • Dentures allow patients to eat food they wouldn't otherwise be able to eat without teeth.
  • Today's dentures are designed to be functional and comfortable.


Our dentists form the dentures into plates that are specifically molded to each patient’s unique mouth shape for a perfect fit. They are bonded to the gums using a special adhesive that is strong enough to allow for eating and talking but can removed at night for cleaning and relief.

Dentures include a set of teeth that can be made to look extremely natural because of the advanced materials they are made out of. These pontics are strong enough for most tasks but some foods should be avoided such as hard candies and fruits.

Our dentists use  dentures in a way that they can also be attached to dental implants for a permanent solution that is even stronger and more durable. Dental implants act as tooth roots that support the dentures while stimulating the underlying jawbone so that is remains healthy. Another form of dentures is partial dentures. They act much in the same way as a bridge in order to replace multiple adjacent missing teeth while allowing the patient to retain the healthy natural teeth they have left.

If you are missing a large number of your teeth and it is becoming hard for you to perform regular daily tasks because of it, contact our office today to find out more about dentures.


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